HMI hat eine Produktlinie, die Verbrauchsmaterialien wie Präzisions-Rakelgummi und fusselfreie Reinigungstücher enthält. Diese sind ursprünglich dazu gedacht, um alle Drucker-Produkte zu ergänzen. Die Präzisions-Rakelgummi  und Reinigungstücher sind  auch als Stand-alone-Produkt verfügbar.

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Drucker Druckeroptionen IR Trockner System Automation Roller Mikrometer Präzisions-Rakelgummi und Reinigungstücher



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HMI Squeegee is a precision cut, polyurethane product available for use in screen printing materials associated with the electronics industry. Available in several profiles, the standard is the 3/8” x 3/8”. The squeegee can be customized to lengths less than 26”. It is available off the shelf in 12” and 26” lengths.

A “Squeegee Cutter” is available to allow customers to cut the squeegee to length, as needed, on the shop floor at the point of use.

HMI Squeegee is available in a range of durometer specifications, the most common being 60, 70, 80 and 90. Each durometer is color coded for easy identification.

Combined with the standard HMI Squeegee Holder (a standard on all HMI printers), the squeegee can be turned several times to make use of each precision cut edge and to maximize the life of the squeegee, and to minimize the downtime required by replacement.

Free samples of HMI Squeegee are available upon request for evaluation.


Cross Section Dimension: 3/8” x 3/8”
Squeegee Type: Polyurethane
Stock Durometer:

  • 60 Duro, Red
  • 70 Duro, Black
  • 80 Duro, White
  • 90 Duro, Blue

Stock Length: 12 or 26 inches

Custom Durometer Available Upon Request
Custom Length Available Upon Request
Solvent Resistance Available Upon Request

Metal Squeegee Blades Available Upon Request
Metal Flood Blades Available Upon Request
Squeegee Holder Assemblies Available Upon Request


The HMI Squeegee Cutter is designed to allow the customer to trim the standard 3/8” x 3/8” squeegee to a custom length for use on the production floor. The HMI Squeegee Cutter can be used with other sizes of squeegee as well.

Rugged and reliable, the Squeegee Cutter has an easy-to-replace cutting blade. Additional blades are stored in the handle. Safe to use and taking up very little work space, the HMI Squeegee Cutter is an excellent way to maximize usage of squeegee material.


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The HMI Shami™ is a low-lint polyester cloth for cleaning screens, stencils, squeegees, spatulas, electronic equipment and general cleanroom use.

The 9″ X 9″ cloths are washable, with good soil release characteristics, and retain their low-lint property through many cleaning cycles.

Their superior absorbency permits quick clean up with any standard cleaning solvent. Spun fibers make reclaiming precious metals easy.

Free samples of Shami™ cloths are available upon request for evaluation. They are available for sale in packages of 150 pieces/package and as a case of eight-150 piece packages (1200 total pieces).


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