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                                                                                                                                                Fulda, 2020/10/20


GS Electronic GmbH & Co.KG Begins Relationship with PPI Systems Inc. - Press Release


GS Electronic GmbH & Co.KG will represent PPI Systems throughout Europe distributing its RapiTrim Laser Resistor Trimming Systems. GS Electronic GmbH & Co.KG was founded in 1987 and is located in Fulda, Germany. The company has established itself with a reputation of excellent sales and service of high quality products. It represents well-known manufacturers with succesful installations at well known manufacturers of electric components, PV wafers and solar cells throughout Europe.

PPI System Inc. is seeing tremendous growth in the laser resistor trimming market as they offer innovative systems which enable both quick-turn and volume production resistor trimming for advanced hybrid circuits and electronic components. GS Electronics will ensure that this rapid growth trend continues globally.

PPI Systems Inc., located in Ottawa, Canada, is a leading supplier of laser material processing and test systems. The company provides a broad range of turn-key solutions to the interconnect and electronic component market for via drilling, circuit processing, resistor trimming, and high precision micro-machining.

GS Electronic GmbH & Co. KG übernimmt die Vertretung von PPI Systems