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Despatch has specialized in thermal processing for over 100 years and is actively using this technical expertise to provide innovative solutions to critical applications in a broad selection of markets and cutting edge technology worldwide.


BENCHTOP OVENS and LAB OVENS are small in size but big in features, offering a small footprint where space is limited and processes that deal with small batch loads.


CABINET OVENS (REACH-IN OVENS) are designed for easy loading and unloading. These ovens offer an almost unlimited amount of application possibilities to meet any of your batch processing needs. Cabinet and reach-in ovens provide an efficient footprint and are available in a wide range of chamber sizes.


WALK-IN OVENS AND TRUCK-IN OVENS can accommodate a variety of specific product and process needs. These ovens are suitable for loading manually or by fork truck. Typical applications include: aging, bonding, curing, drying, baking, heat treating, annealing and stress-relieving. Despatch’s design, manufacturing, quality and innovation ensure industrial ruggedness, excellent process control, and dependable operation

Products Overview

LBB Forced Convection Oven

LAC Bench-Top Oven

LAC Class A Bench-Top Oven

LCC - LCD Stackable Clean Process Ovens

LCC2-14 - LCD2-14 Clean Process Ovens


High Temperature RAF Ovens

RAD Cabinet Ovens

TAD Walk-In / Truck-In Ovens

TFD - Walk-In / Truck-In Ovens (Class A)

PC-Series Continuous Production Ovens

PBC Burn-In Oven

PTC Top Loading Oven

DriTech™ Dryer

Safire™ Firing Furnace

VOC Thermal Oxidizer