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At the core of the MIDAS Vision AOI systems is its patented optical system coupled with sophisticated software algorithms designed for unsurpassed speed, accuracy, and reliability. Designed for both in-line 100% inspection and end-of-line applications, the company's products are deployed by leading LTCC and HTCC substrate manufacturers to build capacity and ensure manufacturing quality in low- and high-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC/HTCC), thick film multi-layer ceramic packages used in RF and MW wireless communications, antennas, automotive sensors and ECUs, supercomputers, mobile phones and many aerospace applications

Inspection Systems

Midas Inspektionssystem - GS Electronic GmbH&Co.KG

Automatic Detection of short circuits, interruptions, constrictions, smears and offset printing of wet or dried thick film and LTCC circuits


  • Semi Automatic
  • Island Automation with loading and unloading function
  • Complete Inline Solution

Products Overview

Co Fired Ceramics Circuits 1210M

Thick- and Thin Film Ceramics LD 1000

Thick- and Thin Film Ceramics TFM 1000

Photo Master

Glass Master GM 1000

CAD Convertor

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