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ScanCAD International Inc. is an American corporation that provides a diverse variety of products and services to over 3,000+ companies in 50+ countries. Its Headquarters are located in Colorado, USA. Other offices include sales and support locations in Michigan & Florida, USA and two R&D Development locations in Europe.

ScanCAD’s technology into the fixtureless testing, print & dispense inspection, skip mark inspection and component vision programming promise similar benefits to customers. ScanCAD has also branched into the Photo Chemical Machining, PV Solar, Fuel Cell, Textile and other industries with its off-line and inline inspection products.


We are the provider of the only system in the world that can take a physical circuit board and fully reverse engineer it to provide complete manufacturing CAD data and even native format schematics. Our system includes the ability to capture precise form, fit and function for all layers of the PCB, including all inner layer geometries, drill, drill plating and layer thickness, cutouts, outline, silkscreen, and even blind or buried vias.

Products Overview

ScanInspect SIGN - Inspection Systems

ScanInspect – BGA Ball Inspection System

ScanInspect VPI – Process Control System

ScanFAB - Legacy Product Re-Engineering