Manufacturing Facilities for the Photovoltaic Industry from GT Advanced Technologies

 gt_advanced DSS furnaces for the production of multicrystalline silicon ingots
Devices for manipulating, transporting said coating and for the production of the ingots
Automatic cleaning system for reusable silicon
Float Zone Crystal pulling equipment for testing the purity of raw silicon
Crystallization furnaces for the production of sapphire material



More Information to the following products can be found in attached pdf documents.


Acuity™ Performance Software – > Download pdf Document

DSS™450 MonoCast™ Monocrystalline Growth System – > Download pdf Document

DSS™450HP Ingot Casting Furnace – > Download pdf Document

DSS™650 Crystalline – > Download pdf Document

Ingot Casting Furnace

DSS Upgrades Crystalline Ingot

Casting System Upgrades

HiCz™ Equipment


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